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Vocabulary 4000 brings these words to the fore. Whenever possible, one-word definitions are used. Although this makes a definition less precise, it also makes it easier to remember. Many common words appear in the list of words, but with their less common meanings. For example, the common meaning of champion is “winner.” A less common meaning for champion is to support or fight for …
Write a letter to the Information Officer at the TAPE Information Office asking for information about the Tertiary Preparation Certificate. Describe your educational background and…
general vocabulary 40 Confusing words & false friends CONFUSING WORDS Confusing words are two or more words which have a similar meaning to each other but are used in a different way.
Here is a list of body language communication and a free video watch with extra vocabulary. There are many examples of how body language is a form of communication. Body language is used in every country and culture throughout the world.
•any hesitation is content-related rather than to find words or grammar •speaks coherently with fully appropriate cohesive features •develops topics fully and appropriately uses vocabulary with full flexibility and precision in all topics •uses idiomatic language naturally and accurately uses a full range of structures naturally and appropriately •produces consistently accurate
IELTS Vocabulary: What is the meaning of “abbreviation”? (a) 1. the official name for something specific 2. a name that is only used on official documents (b) 1. a long form of a name, phrase or word 2. the unadbridged version of something (c) 1. a shortened form of a name, phrase or word 2. the act of shortening something (d) 1. a person’s unofficial name 2. something that someone is called
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Advertisement IELTS vocabulary level 5. The first step in being able to improve your vocabulary is to have a clear collection of words to study from, graded from the easier, more common language up to more advanced levels.
IELTS Vocabulary – Problems In IELTS essays you are almost always going to need to write about a problem. To do this well, you need to be able to use a variety of words to describe problems.
LISTENING ACTIVITY. The following listening activity is based on an ABS News video. If you are preparing for IELTS or CAE this will be a great exercise to test not only your listening comprehension but your vocabulary knowledge too.
Note: If you have more time, try to repeat above steps for General Service List (GSL) 1000 words (not included in GAL) and General Test List (GTL) 1000 words also not included in GSL and GAL. This will help you master all 3 word lists with 3000 words in about 21 days. After this, you will not need to master any other vocabulary list.
Complete the sentence using a word or words taken from the article above. This is not an IELTS reading exercise, it is just an exercise to practice using the language in the passage. You may need to change the form of the word.

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