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Continuing with my little spate of sharing workflows for the iOS app known as Workflow, I’ve decided to share another simple action extension workflow that allows you to save web pages as a simplified style PDF Whilst I personally use Evernote as my snap shot repository and page cleaner of choice, sometimes I want to be able to send other
To export any webpage, email or document in PDF format to your favorite app, simply open it and then tap on the share button. Now on the sharesheet find the ‘Print’ button and tap on it. At this point iOS will show you previews of the pages you are about to print.
In order to print a webpage from your iOS device to the Print From Anwhere queue, you must first save it as a PDF into your Google Drive account using the Google Chrome browser.
Needs Updating For Current iOS Version Doesn’t work with iOS 12. Needs to be updated. (Crashes when converting webpage to PDF.) Current version has an icon defect where it shows the version number on the iOS home screen icon itself.

Choose Google Cloud Print and you’ll see a list of all your Android and iOS devices that also have Chrome installed on them. Choose the Save to Google Drive option instead and a PDF version of the current web page will instantly get saved to your Google Drive.
iOS Tip — Create a PDF from Web Page, On Your iPhone. Sometimes, you just want a permanent copy of a web page article. When I do, I create a PDF.
Converted PDF in iBooks Now, there are a few limitations/things to note about this: The quality of the PDF that you get depends on how well the web page prints.

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Must Read: How To Use Airdrop On iOS 11. How to Save a Webpage as PDF In iPhone or iPad. If you have recently purchased a latest iPhone or if you have upgraded the iOS version to 11 in your already owned iPhone, then you can easily save a webpage as PDF for offline reading or for sharing. To do so just follow the easy steps below: Launch Safari web browser in your iPhone and navigate to the

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